Cherries, cucumbers, one bat, flowers (& friends)…

Just making some lists… :p

Okay, this is the first time ever that we have cherries in our garden.


The small cherry tree had 11 flowers and a few cherries. That was so nice!


The young bush cherry had many many flowers, and many cherries, too. And there are still fruits ripening in the bush. I didn’t know what to expect. 😀 Love them!


The first ever ‘open-field’ cucumbers from our garden.

cucumbers, open field

And there’s more growing, this was yesterday. I planted only one plant, one stem, this stem in the pic. Just a delicious experiment…

cucumbers, greenhouse

Cucumbers in our greenhouse. Greenhouse cucumbers grow really well and are so delicious! We’ve already had several.

cucumber, greenhouse

Two pics that I took yesterday evening when I closed the windows and the door in the greenhouse:

cucumber, greenhouse

More cucumbers growing…

cucumber, greenhouse

I wonder if these tiny ones will still grow…

We saw a bat, the first bat here for this year, on 30th July late in the evening. It was flying, flapping in our garden and in the woods.

Some flower pics that I took in our garden yesterday:

clematis flowers

Clematis, by the oak tree.

clematis flowers
tricolor daisy

Tricolor daisy and a friend.

garden rose

Garden rose and a friend.

garden rose
red flax

Red flax and a friend. Friends everywhere in the garden in August. 🙂






They come in August.

Good morning today:

good morning, clarkia amoena, godetia

With clarkia amoena or godetia flowers…

clarkia amoena, godetia
clarkia amoena, godetia

And a busy friend here as well. 🙂

clarkia amoena, godetia

A little bit of rain and then sunshine again. It’s nice when it rains a bit, it has been rather dry all summer again.

I Have to go to the library today and I should wash the car…

  • Leena

Very warm & more flowers

It has been warm and it was very warm for a few days; it was between 25 and 27 degrees Celsius between Sunday and Tuesday. Today it’s 18 degrees Celsius and they say that we will get back to more normal – to around 15 degrees Celsius now…

The first seven pictures I took in our garden on Tuesday, yesterday and today:

Cherry tree flowers

Our second cherry tree survived its first winter. – Our first cherry tree didn’t survive winter and we had to plant a new tree a year ago. This new tree had 11 flowers this week.

Cherry tree
Bush cherry

Here’s our cherry bush today. We planted this bush cherry in September 2017 and it had many flowers already a year ago.

Oak tree, spring

Our oak tree in the back of the garden. I love these small oak tree leaves… Oak tree is one of the last ones to grow leaves in the spring in Finland.

Apple tree flowers

Our old apple tree is flowering. Oh, love…

Bird cherry tree flowers

And our little bird cherry tree is flowering, too, in the back of the garden.

Tulip flower

A nice tulip in the back of the garden as well. – We have a few ‘surprise tulips’ there. 🙂


By the lake Pyhäjärvi yesterday.

Feeling summery...

Me feeling summery… ;D

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Summer in full swing already

It’s been summer here in Finland all the time now… The temperatures have been between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius during the day, and some days it’s been even warmer than that, too… And when we’ve had like “a bit cooler weather”, the temperatures have been between 18 and 20 degrees. So, it’s been quite incredible to experience this here now… But one morning was cold this week – it was 4 degrees Celsius, whoa! But it’s been all sunshine, sunshine, and very dry everywhere…

And about myself… and my blog now. I’ve been working outside the home, so to speak, now, it has something to do with gardening (would you believe it? 😉 ) aaand not working at home with my computer means that I don’t sit by my computer that often now, because I wake up very early in the morning, and I drive to work very early in the morning – I’m some sort of an early owl altogether now, and I don’t have that much time or energy for this dear blog of mine. Well, I don’t mean that I was super blogger before, but I mean, for example, that some of the content of my blog will now be only on my Instagram (owlnatureleena), like most of the flower pictures, and so on. Well, let’s see how everything happens, just thought I’d mention that even if it looks like I’m doing nothing here in my blog, I’m actually doing many things out here and there and preparing myself for many things all the time. 😀 And yes, I still have some planting to do here at home, seeds, seedlings… Oh dear, oh dear…

I took all the pictures in this blog post in our garden today.

Oookay, to begin with, our cherry tree didn’t survive the winter, it didn’t grow any leaves – it just stood there, all bare and dry…

cherry tree

So, this is our new cherry tree now. The dead cherry tree was by the woods, this is by the terrace of our house.

cherry bush

We actually thought that our cherry bush wouldn’t survive the winter, but here it still is. And it is flowering!

cherry bush flowering

It still has many flower buds, too.

pear tree

The pear tree is flowering as well. The flowers are… down there, all on the same spot… There’s been like five or six of them.

About some animals… Cuckoo bird has been calling here every day now – the delightful voice of the early summer! And my boyfriend has seen bats in our garden again. I haven’t seen them – I’ve already been sleeping…

plum tree

The plum tree already flowered, it had perhaps around 100 flowers. And the apple tree already flowered, too.


Lilacs, common lilacs are blooming now. Oh, the lovely scent…

“Oh, summer, the light, the dazzle, oh, that shi…itake…!”:

A night owl?

-A bit of a night owl…? 🙂


About the fruit trees, new trees and a bush, an unidentified flower…

Our plum tree had last year (it was the first whole year for the tree in the garden) only one plum fruit, this year it has six! And what’s more, last year it had well over a hundred flowers, this year not many more than 20. Cool! 🙂

plum tree

A nice fruit.

cherry tree

In July our grafted cherry tree started to grow a branch on its on. After that it has grown three more branches. What great balancing! 😉

cherry tree

The tree has grown further its ‘original’ branches as well.

cherry tree

A tree in progress…

cherry bush

A cherry bush now, too, we planted it next to the cherry tree last week.

pear tree

And a pear tree, we planted it last week as well.

pear tree

The pear tree has such flawless leaves!

EDIT: This could be gladiolus, miekkalilja in Finnish… I suddenly remembered this name, and it sure looked like gladiolus when I searched it. 🙂

An unidentified flower. – Yet another new flower for this autumn and we have no idea what this could be called. I tried to google it a bit, but no luck with that. It’s a fairly big plant, big flowers. We knew that something was planted in this spot, but didn’t believe that anything would bloom here this year.

Beautiful it is…


And another new tree. We planted this aspen tree the other day.


The autumn colour of the aspen trees is always so enchanting, bright, brilliant… And the sound of the aspen leaves quaking in the wind is lovely.


Populus tremula erecta is this tree.


I got a bit carried away with the colours… Well, autumn is once a year. 😉