I still cannot post pictures on my Instagram

Okay so it has not changed. I wrote about this thing in so many words, twice, here in my blog in early June. I have started to suspect that it just might be my phone… My phone is too old and it has already been useless in some other ways, too, for… some years now (but I do not know why Facebook still works well enough on my phone). I cannot even have many apps on my old phone and some apps I cannot have at all. All in all, I am about to buy a new phone now soon.

So yesterday was the last time that I will ever try to post a picture and to change my profile picture with this old phone of mine. The next time that I will do it, will be with a new phone, and if I still cannot do those things with the new phone, then I will create a new account on Instagram.

Visiting my boyfriend¬īs forest in Kauhajoki in August.


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