Christmas lights~

Black Christmasmusta joulu. – No snow here in the southernmost part of Finland. Until yesterday – a tiny amount of snow here where I´m living. Very tiny. So it has been this “it´s what´s inside that counts” thing at Christmas this year. Yeah, well, we already did have our ´fourth snow´, too, for this season, here where I´m living, after the third one melted, a bit more snow for some days there was again, but it all melted just before Christmas…

Now some pictures:

Christmas tree

These first two pictures I took on Monday. We have our first ever Christmas tree in this house. Love the atmosphere and the scent!

~Christmas tree and Christmas food, chocolate, coffee, glögi and watching television, Netflix, Finnish Yle Areena, etc. and enjoying the outdoors a bit and reading, thinking… Mostly. Between Christmas and New Year as well.

cones in Christmas tree

And the tree even has cones! It´s black spruce.

Christmas Day walk

I´m not usually on the track, but when it´s Christmas Day, I am. There is a bit longer uphill part there on the track, not a steep one, but you can really feel that you go uphill, and I was just thinking “What the hell am I doing here Now?” But at the end of the track, it all started to feel just nice. 🙂

Two more on Christmas Day,, at night:

white Christmas... lights

White Christmas… lights, on the lilac bush in our front yard.

Outside our living room.

And the snow then finally:

Snow! :)

Yesterday morning. A pleasant surprise and this really makes a big difference! Our ´fifth snow´ for this season is this…


In the daytime, still no natural light yesterday.


Coffee pic yesterday.


Hyacinth, the scent…


Yesterday evening, here in our home village.

Pictures today:


Coffee pic by the rose bush Rosa Splendens, Valamonruusu.

It´s a colder day today, it´s -5 degrees Celsius, but they say that it feels like -11 degrees Celsius, now, around 11 am.


There was some natural light coming my way! 😀




The days are already getting longer. The length of the day today, here where I´m living, is 5 h 32 min.

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