By the home river… rapids

I took some pics when we visited our home river, the river Eurajoki and its rapids, the Kauttuankoski rapids in the municipality of Eura today. The best thing is that this spectacular rapids area is our home rapids. 🙂

The Kauttuankoski rapids has so many faces. I could only capture some of them during the moments we were there…


There’s an old stone bridge.


The source of the river Eurajoki is the lake Pyhäjärvi and it ends into the Bothnian Sea.



The sound of the wide rapids is very powerful. And the air is nicely fresh rapids air there. 🙂


There are ruins of an old mill. You can actually go inside the ruins – we didn’t know that before. I have one pic from there at the end of this blog post.



There are many rocks you can climb to, I took this pic on the top of one.

And mossy stones are always so lovely… fairy-tale like. 🙂



A couple of pics I took on the bridge.



Inside the ruins of the mill, it doesn’t have any roof.

The rapids area is a nice and charming place to visit in all the four seasons…


Very miscellaneous lately

Hi! Things have been a bit hectic for us here lately. Everything like normal things and some extra, too. By the end of this blog post you’ll know why this post is very miscellaneous this time… 🙂


My pics start on Monday evening… It was the first time we used our campfire coffee kettle that we bought at a flea market last week. We had been thinking about buying a kettle for campfire already for ages, and finally we found the perfect one at a flea market; made by Finnish Hackman and the price reasonable 12 Euros at the flea market.


So nice! 😀 Perfect. -Water boiling, ground coffee added-


Coffee was steamy and so good…


OK, hello! 🙂 My blog is not about killing my darlings, so to speak. I mean, in the miscellaneous part and with my coffee pics I can have the world…. So now, I like cars, too, very much. That’s who I am. This week we had to change our car, get an unbroken car. We had a 1999 Ford Mondeo station wagon with a V6 engine. It got too broken for our patience. I took this pic when it was time for me to remove our Ibiza lizard from it. We were visiting Ibiza exactly two years ago – in the last week of May 2014. Ibiza is swarming with these cute lizards. 🙂 And naturally I still have this sticker as a keepsake.


This. Is now our summer car. 🙂 Our own car, but it’s supposed to be somewhat temporary. We got this on Tuesday this week. This is a 1996 Volkswagen Golf GL. Very well-kept, very German, very red. 🙂


Yesterday I took a pic when we stopped by the lake Köyliönjärvi. We live kind of between two lakes here – the other one is the big lake, lake Pyhäjärvi, and this is the smaller one, lake Köyliönjärvi. As I took this pic I was sitting on a bench so high that I could nicely wave my feet without sandals in the air. And the sound of the waves of the lake was nice and relaxing, too. 🙂
The weather has been very warm and sunny lately, today is a rainy day, but it should get sunny over the weekend again, they say.


The apple trees are in bloom. We have two big apple trees in our garden. The scent of the flowers is lovely…


Hopefully there’s still some time to take more pics of the apple flowers… this is all I’ve been able to do now… 🙂


Plum tree in bloom

Our plum tree is in bloom. We planted this tree last spring. Last summer it had two flowers, but no fruits. I was humbly thinking that we wouldn’t have any plum flowers this year – this tree probably doesn’t like it here, in our garden, and won’t thrive. 🙂


On Saturday I finally tried to count the flowers and buds the tree has… there was over a hundred opened flowers and several dozen flower buds. This is a self-pollinating tree. It would be great to have two plum fruits this year! 🙂




The wind was blowing nicely…. But it’s been a very warm day.


A fairly tiny tree.



When I first saw all the flower buds I could hardly believe what I was seeing. 🙂 So, let’s wait and see what happens when the flowers disappear…

More about the plum tree and taking care of it here and here.


Rainwater, birch leaves, sauna earthing…

It was time to go to sauna again yesterday evening. And it was the first time that we had fresh birch twigs in sauna this spring. And I had some rainwater, too…


I was lucky enough to get the last rainwater that fell from the sky yesterday before the sun started to show up. 🙂 I love having some fresh rainwater in sauna, I actually should have it there just a little more often. Skin and hair likes it. And you feel so much closer to nature when you use water from the sky. More reviving, calming, relaxing… so delightful. It’s the feeling, too! 🙂 And rainwater saves you money. And water, for the world as well.


Oh, the scent of the fresh birch leaves in sauna! And the feeling, as with the rainwater. And the fresh leaves, too, are good for your skin. I love taking a real bath: rubbing some leaves against my skin, having some leaves on my face, burying my face into the leaves, smelling them… hitting myself with the twigs a bit – that’s what we Finns always do… And it’s all heavenly, healthy, also good for your blood circulation. If there’s some insect poop there in the leaves, despite rinsing them, it doesn’t matter, I mean, because you’re a witch anyway! 😉

I also had some more earthing (getting some good energy from the ground), walking from the sauna barefoot on the cold grass. And one of our two cats, the black with white markings, came to goof around, too. 🙂


The place where we got our birch twigs yesterday. An abandoned railway near our home.


And we stopped by the lake Pyhäjärvi on a rainy day, last Sunday. Under an alder tree and its leaves, catkins and cones.