The first green in the garden (& the first vid)

We’ve had sunny days, but still waiting for some crazy winds to calm down. But the sunshine warms…


…and the colour yellow is taking over, gradually.

juniper berries

Juniper berries in our garden. Juniper berries are cones, berry-like cones, not real berries.

leopard's bane or doronicum

The first green in our garden for this spring is leopard’s bane or doronicum, its small leaves. I already had a picture of these on my Instagram, a week ago. 🙂

leopard's bane or doronicum

Still so tiny… the leaf…

And some new dimensions to Owlnature. I created a YouTube channel, not actually to have a channel, but to have a super easy way to add videos, my own videos, to my website. I’m not saying that I’m necessarily adding quality (high definition videos), but I hope that I can add… some new dimensions; some feeling, some sound… things like that. I’ve never uploaded videos to YouTube before, but I’m not afraid to start now. 🙂 Perhaps I’ll try my phone, too, but this video is taken from my camera. So, this is my first ever YouTube video, raw and rough. 😉 (But at least one can hear some sounds of birds, too, in the video). But just to get started… I was sitting on the garden bench at about 18.30 PM yesterday as I was filming this.


Hoot… no, tweet… maybe :)

Today a few pictures from sunny yesterday. We’ve had some sunshine already today as well, but some hailing, too. – Spring is definitely coming. 🙂 Now just waiting for it to become warmer – the wind and the air have been cold. But fortunately, it’s been ever so warm in the sunshine…

Ibiza lizard

The Ibiza lizard in our garden…

garden bunny & Ibiza lizard

The garden bunny and Ibiza lizard…

Okay, I had been thinking about joining Twitter already for some time… and now I’ve done it; my username on Twitter: leenannik. It’s a bit weird place to be, when one doesn’t actually know anybody there, but I think I have my spot there… every once in a while. – I think it’s safe to say that I surely will use my Instagram (owlnatureleena) way more often than my Twitter. Hoot! 😀

garden me

A morning owl… garden me…

March iris

Siberian iris in March.


Dried flowers, a campfire, one knitted owl…

It’s a sunny weekend! And now that the spring is just around the corner, it’s starting to get miscellaneous again… 😉


dried peonies

It was finally time to take these friends outside for a pic yesterday. My dried peonies from last summer… beauties… lovely memories…

dried flower crown

My dried flower crown from the summer of 2015 is hanging on a door window in our hall. What actually dominates this picture, however, is an unfinished door window curtain project. 🙂


Our garden campfire last night. It was warming so nicely in the beautiful but cold darkness.

knitted owl

I started knitting again. I love knitting, but I’m not always doing it. 🙂 And… I always need some practice with it. This, for example, is my first ever owl!


Hear the blackbird sing – spring-like days

On Monday the sun was shining delightfully, it was warm. On Tuesday it was cloudy. And it was already very windy when we were taking our regular walk in the forest trail in the evening. The darkness fell and it started to sleet heavily when we were in the forest. And we naturally couldn’t feel the wind that hard there in the shelter of the forest, but when we came out of the forest, by the lake Pyhäjärvi, the wind felt already so fierce that it was almost incredible. It was a blast! ;D And the wet snow flakes were so huge for a while… Yesterday and today the sun’s been shining again, but it has been windy.

The pictures here I took today in our garden.

March strawflower

I noticed on Monday that one strawflower flower still opens its petals on a sunny day! 🙂 And closes them in the evening. I took this pic at around 8.15am today. And at 10.00 the petals were opening…

After I had taken the pic above, I started to really listen to the singing of birds, they were singing everywhere… Suddenly I recognized the distinctive voice of the blackbird! It is an enchanting sound of spring here in Finland!




March strawflower

The strawflower flower opened by 12.30pm. How beautiful! 🙂


The snow’s been melting all the time now…


backyard pine tree

Under our biggest pine tree.

It’s 4 degrees Celsius in the shade, but they say that it feels like -2, and it does – the wind is cold. But in the sunshine, it’s wonderfully warm there…


Amaryllis leaves

My amaryllis today… She had four big flowers in total, during the second blooming in early February.


Already two leaves (the shortest ones) have turned brown, got rotten and dried up. I don’t know why… But there’s also a new leaf growing, again. And the longest leaf…


Well, the longest leaf is… long. 🙂 Hopefully it stays this way. At least I’ve been trying to take good care of my amaryllis… I’ve been trying to give it reasonable amounts of water and fertilizer.


So, just hoping now…