A summer story / poem (a true-life story, summer 2020)

I wrote this summer story / poem yesterday and today. This is a true story, so all the things in this story have happened to me this summer, just the way I wrote them. At the end of this blog post there are also some flower pictures that I have taken this summer.

Hot days in June, it is so light at night, different things it allows
The lovely sound of summer, little birds are flying around, I know them, they are swallows
The birds wintered in the tropical lands, but now they are here
We humans do not have to travel far, nature is so amazing, near.

A cuckoo bird calling, baby woodpeckers are loud, a fox at me now stares
A tiny spider as white as the flowers of the Midsummer rose. Fancy, just to say who dares
Hide now, seek now, just wait and see, the day just might be fair
Wandering the roads, no one knows, I might meet a friend, it is a hare.

In July then, I am wearing a winter coat, I see a tiny moth dive into embers
The rain is hammering the peony flowers, that a gardener remembers
Then suddenly it is warm again, cherries, strawberries, everything you desire
The scents, the memories, the long-awaited coffee around the campfire.

Frogs are greeting me, raspberries, bilberries, the gold red and blue
Grasshoppers I meet in the kitchen, now that is something new
August, the days are getting shorter, sunflowers open their petals, so yellow
Look at the stars, think now. Learn what is new, wonder, know.

Late August, the Midsummer rose is flowering again, pears and plums ripen on the trees
A hot day, every time the last one for the summer, who knows, oh, summer please! 

- Leena, August 25-26, 2020 
Finnish Midsummer rose
Finnish Midsummer rose flower and flower spider
Painted daisy
Rose, on the longest day of the year, at midnight
Poppies, on the longest day of the year, at midnight
Finnish Valamonruusu ¬īRosa Splendens¬ī
Poppies, pot marigolds… summer flowers…


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