A nature story / poem

I have wanted to do this since Christmas – to write a story or a poem (necessarily needs to rhyme :p ), the kind that I could immediately publish here in my blog. Yesterday I finally had the time and everything to both come up with a story and to write it.

Late-winter night, wise and bold,
The secrets it might hold...
Two moose are wandering in a field, the moon is
bright tonight
The scenery is pale in white, still, a meaningful sight.

Three deer are standing in the field, listening side by side
A hare is leaping in the forest, there is no need to hide
Snow starts falling from the trees, the deer flee, the hare
looks up and stops,
Frozen moss beneath his paws, more snow falls down, he hops.

A fox is running in the snow, now swiftly past the trees
A black figure is watching from the shadows, everything
he sees,
A swish, then a croak, oh look, it is a raven
The pine forest for the bird is a sublime haven.

Sunshine in the morning about the spring us tells
Birds are chirping around a frozen pond, the scene is like
softly ringing bells
A long road between the fields, it is daytime, a light and
an easy pace,
A wanderer humming to herself, a happy and thoughtful face.

In the evening, in the forest - Hush -

The sound of a campfire and a stream somewhere near
Dusk. She closes her eyes and listens, thinking
"That¬īs an animal, I can hear..."
A rustle and the sound of a creature hopping, the campfire
is so nice and warming
All this is beautiful, familiar and wild, curious, forever

- Leena, February 26, 2020

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