Around the moon… or Easter…

Spring, spring, Easter. It has been a sunny week. And it has been warmer again – a bit over 10 degrees Celsius, and even warmer than that – around 15 degrees Celsius it has been, too. We have seen coltsfoot flowers. And we have seen flies, mosquitoes, bees and butterflies – signs of summer…


The Ibiza lizard, always covered in snow a bit…? 🙂 Well, in wintertime… and this was a bit over a week ago on Friday.


For the moon… The moon, a full moon on Saturday, at around 1.00 am. I was ~mooning around in our garden…

A picture that I took yesterday:


The first flowers on the ground in our garden are crocus flowers. We have those everywhere in the garden. They are lovely surprises also because we can’t remember all the spots where we have planted them. 🙂

The rest of the pictures I took today:


My coffee and friends…


Just a few pictures of crocus flowers now… And also daffodil stems and tulip stems have started to grow on the ground.


‘A walk-in closet’ in the corner of the terrace – that’s the short description of our first ever greenhouse, here. 🙂

  • Leena

Snow, spring flowers – waiting…

The Easter weather is quite cold here in Finland! I wasn’t paying attention to the weather forecasts on Wednesday, and yesterday morning I had a big surprise waiting for me when I woke up: snow! And so much of it! It was white everywhere.

viola, snow, April

This was our viola yesterday morning… she had come here only the day before…

viola, snow, April

White, white. *Brr…*

Most of the snow melted during the daytime yesterday, but there still is some snow on the ground today.


And now our viola is inside the house, waiting… Hopefully some more pictures of this plant a bit later, outside…


Now I have it! 😉 – My first ever yellow hyacinth, and this also is my first ever springtime hyacinth! – Hyacinths have traditionally been mostly Christmas plants or flowers in Finland, and for me, too. Hopefully more pictures of this plant, too, later…

I took the next five pictures on our regular walk yesterday.


It started to snow again.

April walk

sunshine & snowing

It was snowing and the sun tried to shine at the same time. – Spring has definitely arrived in Finland! 🙂

And the snowflakes were huge. It was actually really fun!

April walk

The sunshine disappeared, but after a moment again:

sunshine & snowing

Spring, oh, spring!

But remember to keep your paws (and head? 😉 ) warm!:

Remember to keep your paws warm!

…our tiger has a suggestion how to do it…

Just remember!