Maps and coffee

I’m still on the second floor in Turku. 🙂


I have my own special spot where I can have my coffee, think about things, read something or study the maps on the wall during my visit here. It’s mostly on the floor, beside the French balcony, with my world map on the wall, and above it another map, a map of Europe.

world map

A proper cup of coffee, a world map and bright sunlight – what else do you need? 😀 Simple pleasures. It’s nice to let the sunlight come in from the open balcony door, too. I also enjoyed the sunny weather when I walked to a grocery store and back this morning.


Still time to take winter photos

Warming up this blog continues. I took these two photos on Monday this week in our garden, when the light there was a bit like in a fairy tale. The sun was shining delightfully behind the cloud cover.

home garden

Our garden meets the woods. I like to call this woods and these trees as ‘our woods’ or ‘my woods’, but it actually belongs to the village we live in. But yes, this woods also belongs to our great spotted woodpecker. 😉

home garden wooden fence

There’s still something left of our garden fence from the 1960s. (We, me and my man, are both from the 1980s 😀 and we moved into our house in the year 2014, by the way – just to make things clearer…) I’ve said to my boyfriend that we should live this part of the fence like it is here now. I think it looks charming just the way it is now and right in this place it is. I think it would be nice to conserve something old and original as this, as well.

We, me, my man and our two cats, live in the rural southwestern Finland in the region of Satakunta, it’s where I started writing this blog on Wednesday this week, but now, as I write this, I’m visiting Turku, the city on the southwest coast of Finland. I’m on the second floor in a block of flats here, so no garden for me here, but still making the best of it! 🙂