Pictures yesterday and today

More peony flowers…


Follow the red petals! :

Follow the red petals!

Follow the red petals!

Follow the red petals!


It was the peony flower that is the first peony flower who is dropping her petals this summer.


And we grow spinach from seeds in our garden. I made spinach soup. It’s delicious! 🙂 – Spinach, milk, some cream, a bit of butter, a bit of oat flour, a bit of salt.


Other herbs are growing from seeds with the basil in our garden, in the shelter of the house wall. There’s summer savory and rosemary, and then there’s some fourth herb – I can’t remember what it is… I must think about that a bit now… 🙂

cherry tree

We’ve now noticed that our grafted cherry tree has started to grow a branch on its own! High up there.

garden rose valamonruusu

And a bit more roses in our rose garden… Rosa splendens in the pictures… the name of the rose is valamonruusu in Finnish.

garden rose valamonruusu

garden rose valamonruusu

And peony flowers again, because…

Bury your face in this - flower therapy

Bury your face in this – flower therapy. 🙂


lake Köyliönjärvi

By the lake Köyliönjärvi yesterday evening.

countryside love

Love for the countryside. In the same place by the lake, where I left our car for the visit.


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