A few flowers today (+my “pic page” usernames)

I took a little tour with my camera in our garden today, for the newly opened up flowers for this summer. Today is actually a surprisingly warm day.


The Park lilacs or Hungarian lilacs actually have been flowering already for a while now. Our park lilacs don’t have so many flowers this year – last year they were loaded…


Purple-flowering raspberry is, too, planted by the previous owners of this house. I like it! ūüôā


Iris. We have these in two different spots in the garden. The other ones were planted by the previous owners of this house, the other bunch by us – we brought them from eastern Finland last summer, my boyfriend’s mother gave them to us. This flower is of that bunch. I love irises, more pics of them later, hopefully. ūüôā Only two flowers have opened up so far, but there’s so many buds.


Daisy. Daisies are already a bit wild in our garden. – Some of them here, some of them there. One here, one there.

Aaand, I love the “pic pages” or apps… Here’s my favourites, and where Owlnature is… I am… so, my usernames: Instagram: owlnatureleena (I’ve used Instagram before, but at this very moment Owlnature doesn’t have any pics there yet, as I just created the account.) Pinterest: owlnature (The same story as with Instagram.) We Heart It: owlnature (This account I started using already in winter.) Yees, maybe I have the real widgets, too, in the sidebar of my blog some day… ūüôā