Summer in full swing already

It’s been summer here in Finland all the time now… The temperatures have been between 20 and 25 degrees Celsius during the day, and some days it’s been even warmer than that, too… And when we’ve had like “a bit cooler weather”, the temperatures have been between 18 and 20 degrees. So, it’s been quite incredible to experience this here now… But one morning was cold this week – it was 4 degrees Celsius, whoa! But it’s been all sunshine, sunshine, and very dry everywhere…

And about myself… and my blog now. I’ve been working outside the home, so to speak, now, it has something to do with gardening (would you believe it? 😉 ) aaand not working at home with my computer means that I don’t sit by my computer that often now, because I wake up very early in the morning, and I drive to work very early in the morning – I’m some sort of an early owl altogether now, and I don’t have that much time or energy for this dear blog of mine. Well, I don’t mean that I was super blogger before, but I mean, for example, that some of the content of my blog will now be only on my Instagram (owlnatureleena), like most of the flower pictures, and so on. Well, let’s see how everything happens, just thought I’d mention that even if it looks like I’m doing nothing here in my blog, I’m actually doing many things out here and there and preparing myself for many things all the time. 😀 And yes, I still have some planting to do here at home, seeds, seedlings… Oh dear, oh dear…

I took all the pictures in this blog post in our garden today.

Oookay, to begin with, our cherry tree didn’t survive the winter, it didn’t grow any leaves – it just stood there, all bare and dry…

cherry tree

So, this is our new cherry tree now. The dead cherry tree was by the woods, this is by the terrace of our house.

cherry bush

We actually thought that our cherry bush wouldn’t survive the winter, but here it still is. And it is flowering!

cherry bush flowering

It still has many flower buds, too.

pear tree

The pear tree is flowering as well. The flowers are… down there, all on the same spot… There’s been like five or six of them.

About some animals… Cuckoo bird has been calling here every day now – the delightful voice of the early summer! And my boyfriend has seen bats in our garden again. I haven’t seen them – I’ve already been sleeping…

plum tree

The plum tree already flowered, it had perhaps around 100 flowers. And the apple tree already flowered, too.


Lilacs, common lilacs are blooming now. Oh, the lovely scent…

“Oh, summer, the light, the dazzle, oh, that shi…itake…!”:

A night owl?

-A bit of a night owl…? 🙂


Winter… and winter sports fans

First about the weather again… Winter weather continues, and here, where I’m living, we’ve had snow on the ground for over 10 weeks now! Lately we had a couple of warmer days with the temperatures around 0 degrees Celsius, but now it’s been colder again – around -5 degrees and -10 degrees Celsius and even colder. And it’s been snowing and the sun’s been shining, too…

And today it was -20 degrees Celsius just before 8 am when I took these first two pictures in this blog post:


My morning coffee… You can go outside without your mittens at -20 degrees Celsius if you have a warm winter coat and a mug of warm coffee to warm your hands, naturally. 🙂


So much light already before 8 am!

Winter Olympics 2018

I love to watch winter sports. Now I’m addicted to the Winter Olympics… I’ve been watching the Olympic Winter Games every day now, and I start watching them in the morning, with headphones, of course… There was curling on when I took this picture this morning. Curling is one of my great favourites, another one of my great favourites is… everything done with snowboards, yay! 🙂

And I’ve been watching the Olympics surrounded by these guys:

So we’ve been very active here… Well, indeed, watching the Winter Olympics has been fun and inspiring – I’ve been doing all kinds of things while watching winter sports – I watch the Olympics for a while and then I do something and then I watch winter sports again and after a moment I do something again… This has been effective for me, perhaps with the increasing daylight, naturally… 🙂


Winter goes on forever ;) – a proper winter this season so far

Lately… it’s been winter. And here where I’m living, we’ve had snow on the ground for nine weeks now. First it was snowing, and then it was snowing and after that it was snowing… And we’ve had a couple of heavy snowfalls, too. The temperatures were between -8 degrees Celsius and -16 degrees Celsius for several days, the sun’s been shining, too, and the stars have been bright in the sky as well. And now the temperatures have been around -5 degrees Celsius for some days again. So, we’ve had a proper winter this season so far. And I really do appreciate it! 🙂 Marvellous, sparkling winter days…

First a few pictures that I took in our garden this week.



Were they hares or cats? – Sometimes you can’t tell the difference, really. 🙂 – I think that they were cats…


And two pictures that I took today just before publishing this blog post:


It is snowing… the birds are chirping…


“Need a hug? Come here!”


Waiting… waiting for summer…?

This happened in our living room last night: I suddenly saw our princess by the grass on the floor, lying and just relaxing there with her eyes closed.

She was like this for quite a while there…

We were wondering whether she was thinking about spring, dreaming of summer… 😉 Waiting for winter to end… All this snow and cold still… Wait! – Did she fall asleep?

…with the green grass as her pillow. Aww… 😀 If she was dreaming of spring, dreaming about summer and everything green out there, I can already share the same dream with her…


Amaryllis & schlumbergera

It was a bit warmer again out there for a few days and water was dripping, and especially yesterday it rained a bit, but for many hours, but it still didn’t melt the snow we’ve had on the ground for four weeks (that’s a month!) now. And then it sleeted late in the evening. Today the weather’s a bit colder again and they say that it ought to stay that way now and that it ought to snow again as well.

So, now it’s been the perfect time for flowers inside the house! 🙂


My amaryllis is flowering now. Biiig flowers… First it had two flowers.


The jungle here… and, oh, a black panther there, up there in the picture… The black with white markings, a funny type of black panther. 🙂


The colours of this amaryllis are lighter than the colours of my previous amaryllis. I didn’t know what colour my amaryllis would be, or I knew that it has two colours, and I assumed they would be red and white, but the actual hue was a surprise. It turned out to be charming, sweet.



Schlumbergera or Christmas cactus flowering, too. This plant moved here with my amaryllis after Christmas, my boyfriend decided to buy this plant. I like schlumbergera, too, very much, and I love the name – I think that it sounds beautiful. 🙂


Since yesterday my amaryllis has four flowers.


Why am I, all of a sudden, taking pictures in the corner of our living room…? Because on the usual spot we have now a plant light, a real plant light, purple light. Purple light is nice and decorative and good for the plants, but plants in pictures taken ‘under its spell’… not exactly natural, the colours they have under that light… I’ll have to think of something – I don’t like this corner that much, the way it is now, when it comes to taking pictures here…


jungle, tiger

The purple light… But look, that tiger up there looks pretty natural!


So, it’s already been snowing a bit, too, today. Here’s a couple of pictures I took just before publishing this blog post.



Observing November

It’s November – the fifth season has started. 😉 Now just some observations I made in our garden yesterday and today.

November pine tree

Under our biggest pine tree.

dandelion & November secrets

A dandelion and November secrets…

feeding wild birds

It’s time to start feeding wild birds.

November apple

A November apple… Now the apple tree, too, has lost almost all of its leaves.

hawthorn berries in November

Hawthorn berries. We have two hawthorn hedges, this is the one that we haven’t cut – and the one that has a lot of berries…

hawthorn berries in November

November came for red oak

November came for the red oak. But the tree still hangs on to its leaves…

Someone from the couch: “Here’s some observation of November for you

observing November

I’ll be available again on the first of May, or on the 21st of April at the earliest.”
Me: “What are you doing?”
The tiger: “I’m observing November.”

observing November

Me: “Okay. WaitWhat?”


More flowers, one new tree, a hedgehog…

July flowers… German iris is now flowering for the first time in our garden! We brought our German iris from Eastern Finland with us two years ago, my boyfriend’s mother gave it to us.

German Iris

I read somewhere that when German iris is taken to a new spot it will flower again on the second year that it is on the new spot. And this indeed is exactly what happened to our German iris – it didn’t flower last year, it only had the green leaves. But now… and the colour of the flowers was a surprise to me – I remembered that they would be white… 🙂

German Iris

German Iris


Daylily, very short blooming, such a lovely scent… We’ve had many many daylilies flowering now in July, in the place where we put some of the leftovers in our garden… I’m not sure but I think that daylilies may be the ones that were growing already in the beginning of April there, at least these have been the only big flowers growing there this summer.

garden rose

A bit of rose garden in the pictures above and below.

garden rose valamonruusu

Rosa splendens, valamonruusu is the name of this rose in Finnish. The scent of roses…

cherry tree

And a cherry tree. We’ve had this new tree in our garden already since the beginning of June. A nice, fairly tall pole is this tree.

cherry tree

This tree is grafted and it should be self-pollinating. And it naturally hasn’t bloomed this year. Now just waiting… 🙂

Siberian Iris

Siberian iris flowering now as well. These came with us and the German iris from Eastern Finland two years ago, too, but these were flowering already a year ago. And they bloomed already in June last year – this year everything is a little late.

Siberian Iris

purple-flowering raspberry

Purple-flowering raspberry blooming again, too.

purple-flowering raspberry

This very busy little friend was like rolling there inside this tiny flower…


My words are failing me now… the first peony flowers are here! More pictures coming… luxurious days in the garden now… 😉



peony poppy

The first peony poppy flowers are blooming, but not in our garden, not yet. – We’ve managed to plant peony poppy seeds just outside our front yard and our driveway as well. 🙂


Basil growing from seeds in our garden, in the shelter of the house wall.

European hedgehog

We’ve had yet another late night visitor in our garden, now a hedgehog. Hedgehogs in Finland are European hedgehogs. We gave the little friend a tiny bit of cat food. The hedgehog searches for food constantly sniffing the ground and the sniffing is very loud. An adorable creature. It likes worms very much.

European hedgehog & cat :)

Find a hedgehog and a cat in this pic. (Our black cat with white markings likes it there in the ditch – she is there often…)

The two pics above were from Sunday night, and on Monday night:

cat, European hedgehog & cat

The hedgehog doesn’t mind the cats at all and the black cat doesn’t care about the hedgehog either, but a bit later, our tiger still had to try out what the spikes feel like… And yes, our princess is sitting in the ditch again. 🙂

lake Pyhäjärvi

By the lake Pyhäjärvi last night, 23.15 PM. It was a rainy day yesterday. I was a night driver and this was a lovely spot to stop by for a while. It was very foggy, one couldn’t see the opposite shore, the air felt very warm, it was easy to breathe, it was silent with only the light sound of the small waves… I need to be a night driver more often! 🙂