Waiting… waiting for summer…?

This happened in our living room last night: I suddenly saw our princess by the grass on the floor, lying and just relaxing there with her eyes closed.

She was like this for quite a while there…

We were wondering whether she was thinking about spring, dreaming of summer… 😉 Waiting for winter to end… All this snow and cold still… Wait! – Did she fall asleep?

…with the green grass as her pillow. Aww… 😀 If she was dreaming of spring, dreaming about summer and everything green out there, I can already share the same dream with her…


First red chili pepper and about pollinating the plants

We have our first red chili pepper. The pepper changed colour from green to red very quickly once it had started to do it. My first blog post about growing chilies can be found here.

red chili pepper

Just nice. And underneath the pepper can be seen our growing lettuces.


We pollinate the plants ourselves to, perhaps, get more fruits. And we do it with the help of this monster here. Gently rolling a cotton stick in the fully opened flowers, every flower after the other and crisscross… It has done the trick nicely.


After the flower is successfully pollinated, the fruit starts to appear. And finally the fruit has this kind of a hula hula skirt made of the petals of the flower. 😉


Our simple growing lamp can be seen in this pic… and some of our houseplants are here, too. 🙂


Growing chilies

I had a sudden inspiration to start taking photos of our chili plants last night. With an inspiration like that, a tiny blog post is sure to come out the next thing…


There are flowers…

This is actually my boyfriend’s project; he’s the one who first came up with the idea of growing chilies and he’s the one who planted the seeds, and so on.


There are chili peppers growing nicely…

Ok, so we don’t know (I don’t know and my boyfriend doesn’t remember) the variety of these chilies, what kind of chilies they actually are and everything, so we’re just waiting… 🙂


…and hoping they’ll grow… That chili pepper over there is the biggest of the peppers so far.


We have two chili plants, both of them are of the same size. They are in a spot that is a bit difficult spot to take photos in – there’s no space to move the plants around, but I don’t even want to move them around anyway, just let them grow in peace there.


This last photo is taken today, I still tried to take a better pic of the biggest one… 🙂

More about growing chilies here.